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Service Field Technical Assistance

Provide training and technical assistance in the management of coffee cultivation from the preparation of the land to obtaining the product, the benefits that it generates for our partners is to increase productivity per hectare (20 qq / ha) and progressively improve the quality of the cup of coffee for specialty coffee niche markets. As well as helping to diversify the farm's production with the production of cocoa, bananas, and forest trees in order to improve the income of the producers.

Service Quality Control

It is very important to have our quality control service, since through this service the coffee lots produced on the partners' farm are evaluated to determine the cup quality that the market requires and to supply coffee customers. special with the organoleptic characteristics that these market niches demand.

Service Pilated and Roasted

We provide services to our partners and clients for grinding and roasting coffee for domestic consumption in our country, and we also have a brand of roasted and ground coffee called - SiSi Organic Coffee - whose presentations of ¼ kilo, 1/2 kilo, and 1 kilo is commercialized in the local, regional and national market.

Service Coffee shop

We have a Cafeteria called Cafeteria Coki´s where expert baristas, children of Cooperative members, will serve you and those who visit our cooperative where you can enjoy the quality coffee produced by the members, through the different preparation methods that You can express coffee, American coffee, V60, Frappuccinos, Frapes, Cappuccinos, etc.

Service Financing

Since many of our producers are not subject to credit in formal banking and / or microfinance, Our Cooperative provides advances to our partners so that they can invest in the maintenance of their coffee plantations and in the harvest these advances are recovered with the delivery of your coffee from our partners to the Cooperative.

Service Training

Group trainings are developed for members in the sector committees that the cooperative has to provide information on the technical aspect as well as on the management of the farm.

Service Gathering and export

This service is the most important that the cooperative provides to the members in order to guarantee the international market for the commercialization of coffee production, guaranteeing the income that the members receive for their work in the field.

Service Coffee drying

We have a battery of 8 guardiola dryers, which are used to dry the members' coffee since, given the tropical climate, the rains often damage normal drying in the sun and that is the reason that this mechanical drying system helps to guarantee the drying of the largest production volume of the partners.

Service Transportation

We have our transportation unit to move the coffee from the collection center to the processing plant in the city of Lima in order to deliver the product to the maritime terminal for shipment to the client abroad.

Service Input Sales

We have a business unit where we make corporate purchases of the inputs required by the coffee plantations and we provide the inputs required by our partners at competitive prices.

Benefits of working with us

  • Direct sale of origin
  • Proven traceability
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Compliance with commitments
  • Safety guaranteed

Frequent questions

The cooperative was founded in 2000.

Organic, Fair Trade, Bird Friendly, SPP, CAFÉ Practices.

In the central jungle of Peru / Pichanaki - Chanchamayo - Peru

Germany, Japan, United States, Canada, Holland, Belgium, South Korea.