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The Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera ACPC PICHANAKI, takes the name from September 25, 2015, for having become the Central Association of Pichanaki Coffee Producers, which was created on May 22, 2000, counting as partners at that time to 39 associations of coffee producers of the Pichanaki district in order to access a platform of training services, productive technical assistance and carry out good practices of post-harvest, selection, drying, and storage to improve quality and generate attributes of value through organic certification, coffee practices and fair trade, to access niche markets for specialty coffees in the United States and Europe and thus be able to commercialize the coffee production of our partners through a strategic alliance with public and private institutions, tending to the development of an economy of scale in order to enhance and optimize the use of scarce resources for the improvement ra of the quality of life of the members of the organization. Currently the CAC ACPC Pichanaki. It has 320 partners. The total area with coffee plantations in production for the year 2020 is 2,065.25 Has managed by our partners, of which we have 1404.50 Has with Organic Coffee plantations. It is the policy of the cooperative to consider young people, women and natives who should be treated on equal terms, and we have the seal of Free Forced Child Labor.

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Timeline Company Chronology

Foundation as an association: May 22 (with 39 grassroots organizations with 900 producers)


Obtaining Organic certification



First exports: US $ 365,928.00 Germany (100%)

Obtaining the Fairtrade, Café practices and Bird Friendly seals



Business Plan with AGROIDEAS Production and Export of Coffees with added value to special markets (S / 414,225.00)

SELVA Project Women's empowerment and food security for the Pichanaki Forest Coffee Cooperatives Funded by Green Mountain Rosater



Conversion from Association to Cooperative: CAC ACPC Pichanaki

Award py PNIA: Sustainable production of specialty coffee (S /. 275,179.40) / Medal at the 3rd International Concours Des Cafés Torrefies al Originwe -PARIS -Categorie Puissant Amer -Gourmet



Increase and consolidation of exports (79.46%): US $. 4,343,810.00 (Germany 50%, USA 33%, UK 5% and others 12%)

Export of 89 Containers to: UK (Falcon Specialty), Germany (Hacofco and GEPA mbH), USA (Sustainableharvest), Japan (Aleph), Sweden (Carlos Bror AB)


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We have: Organic, Fair Trade, UTZ, SPP etc.


We have 20 years of experience in production and articulation to the market.

Work team?

Partner families, managers and work team with experience and commitment to work in the coffee, cocoa and honey value chain.

Productive offer?

Certified quality coffees, specialty coffees of origin, organic cocoa, honey.

After-sales follow-up?

Our work team is always at the service of our clients.

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Pedro Rodriguez

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Zenón Llamoga


Elisa Hinojosa


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